My Dream Job…

When I first started my nurse training, I just wanted to make it to the other end of the course and get my pin! Things changed very quickly for me in year 1 of my study, I started to recognise that nursing is so much more than ‘just work’, I started to see that my voice could influence hundreds of thousands of people, both patients and health care workers.

It was my first day as a year 2 student, I had just been re-elected as my cohort REP and was successfully elected as the campus officer for my universities students union! I could believe that people wanted me to be their voice, then there was always bantery jokes about me being the future NHS England’s chief nursing officer or the president of the RCN of course this was only a joke! But over time these jokes actually started becoming more like aspirations, why wouldn’t I want to be the very best version of myself? Surely aiming high was the whole point of having dreams?

So after that when ever anyone asked me where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years etc? I would either say “In your job!” Depending on the situations of course, not everyone is amused by my playful banter! Or I would say ‘I want to be the future chief nursing officer for NHS England’, this always shocked people, I think that they si’mply did not expect such high aspiration from someone so early on in ’their career? Well my question is? Well why not? I’m not saying that I would get there in the next 10 years, I’m not evening saying that I ever will get there! But at least I am setting goals and have a focus to improve myself as person and as a nurse.

As the years have no gone and I am now finally a newly qualified nurse, I can safely say that I have absolutely no idea what I want to do and frankly I’m not closing the door to anything! Nursing is so vast and inspiring, I want my finger in all the pies! Now my aspirations are to continue to grow in my practice and to lead and implement positive changes where ever possibility’s and opportunities lie. I know that my dream job would be to be in a position, regardless of what that title might be, where I can lead and influence, innovation, change, forward thinking and share a boundless energy into the future of the nursing profession.


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