What is the #NHS70 30-day challenges?

Would you like to be involved in helping transform the perceptions of nursing and midwifery? Sign up for the 30 Day Challenges!

The topic for each monthly challenge derives from the themes in the 10 Building Blocks (picture below) that were designed by thousands of nurses, midwives and patients through ideas submitted to our crowdsourcing site. The 12 monthly challenges are all about people working together to help put these building blocks into action.

2018-06-02-9-49-40-286-5b1268345ce8720ffc6ec0f8The focus of this month’s NHS horizons 30-day challenges is to celebrate achievements and innovation in nursing and midwifery which support the ‘Showing your pride in the professions’ Building Block. This can cover the entirety, and diversity, of your whole career so far or focus on a part that has left an impactful mark on your choices or opportunities in nursing and midwifery.

This month’s challenge was set to be presented in a blog format! Well, well, well, as you may be aware blogging has become my new speciality if you will, so I decided to use my blogging community platform @BloggerNurse to hold a #ChallengeWithinAChallenge So I created a 30-day challenge where each day you would be tasked to write about a specific nursing type topic. This aim of this is to encourage new bloggers and to help get more people active in supporting the NHS Horizons campaign to transform perceptions of nursing and midwifery.

So, I hope that you will join us?! Please see the challenge below, anyone can join in at any time, it’s all just a bit of blogging fun!


Leigh Kendall, is the communications lead at NHS Horizons and has written a get started with blogging article for you: https://nhshorizons.passle.net/post/102ey1y/getting-started-with-blogging it is packed with hints, tips and reminders (eg don’t forget the NMC Code of Conduct!).

Finally, please do publish your blog wither here: https://nhs70.crowdicity.com/category/26430 or on your own platform and tweet @bloggernurse and #Nursebloggers #FutureNursing #FutureMidwifery




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