Ive got the RCN Congress blues…

Just a quick one, I plan on writing up a review of Congress in the next week or so…

I’ve spent the day recovering from sleep deprivation, but I most definitely have got the post-congress blues! To be in a place surrounded by active and passionate health care professional is just so inspiring! I have left feeling more motivate and more determined than ever to share positivity and make the nursing profession better in any way that I can! What a week! How lucky am I that I got to represent the student voice as their elected advocate in the 50th year of students at congress! and let me tell you, we celebrated it right! I am in awe of all the incredible students who came to Congress, some for their first time and some even alone! Thank you for your energy, activism and advocation of the student’s voice, it is essential we keep moving forward and working to provide and stronger and great nursing workforce! I hope my wonderful committee has had a chance to finally rest after a week of non-stop work! they aren’t just my committee members, they are my esteemed colleagues and im proud to say my very good friends. Although I am sad that this was my last Congress and last year as the student member of RCN council and chair of the student’s committee, I am so excited for the future that many of you will be taking forward with you! to quote Moira Buchanan (previous chair of the @theRCN council) who addressed #RCN18 at Congress ‘Input from @RCNStudents has been exceptional this year. If that’s a marker for the future, the profession is in safe hands’ I couldn’t feel prouder of the job we have done. Heres to the next 7 months…of which I plan to do as much as possible!



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