I am now an accredited RCN REP!

So this week I headed down to RCN South-West HQ for a 3-day REP foundation module.


What is an RCN REP you ask? A trade union representative (REP) is a member of the RCN who has been elected to represent union members in the organisation where they are employed.

This foundation training covered the activities that all RCN reps undertake to support members in the workplace and develop the RCN as a trade union and professional organisation. During the foundation module I was with a group of wonderful nurses for all different areas of practice and at different banding levels, this module brings all three types of reps together. The RCN has three types of accredited rep:

  • learning rep
  • safety rep
  • steward

I have chosen to become an RCN steward as I feel my chrematistics work well with this advocative role. The main role of an RCN steward is to promote the value of partnership working, facilitating the fair treatment of RCN members through collective and individual representation and by working collaboratively with the RCN, employers and other stakeholders to negotiate, assist and promote good employment practice in the workplace.

I am very much looking forward to the next REP training day as the last 3 days have been so fun filled and a great learning experience, plus I got to meet a great bunch of nurses from my region.


Why not consider becoming a REP yourself?

The benefits

As an RCN representative, you are:

  • fully supported by RCN staff and by a network of other representatives throughout the UK
  • specially trained, with your continuing learning and development needs met by the RCN
  • encouraged to access a specialist area on the RCN’s website, which contains a wide range of resources
  • kept up-to-date with news and information via your own monthly newsletter, Activate
  • invited to attend national conferences and events
  • entitled to a 25 percent discount off the member rate for RCN conferences organised solely by the RCN
  • eligible to receive a special RCN award that recognises your hard work and achievements.

How to apply

You can register your interest online: https://www.rcn.org.uk/get-involved/rcn-reps/register-your-interest-in-becoming-an-rcn-rep



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