I have passed my BSc in Adult Nursing with a 1st class honours! 

I can officially say now that I have passed my BSc in Adult Nursing with a 1st class honours! 😱😭😭😭😭📜🏆
Me? Ha! I can’t believe it!!!! I’m now the proud owner of 2 degrees and the fact that I achieved a first class degree in bachelors of science is absolutely surreal! Who’d have thought it! Like it’s me!?!? Ha! At school, I was always the one that misbehaved and was never academic! People laughed at me when I said I wanted to go a study drama at college, they said I wasn’t smart enough to do a degree! Haha…2 degrees later…

When I first started my nursing I thought I wouldn’t make it past the first year, I was constantly saying “I’m not sure it’s for me” or “we will see how it goes” this was because I was absolutely terrified of failing! I never in a million years thought I was clever enough, or even capable of being a nurse. At work, I had always admired the nurse’s knowledge and skills, and it’s thanks to those nurses at the Dilke Hospital that I started my training in the first place and I can truly never thank them enough! 💕

Beating the odds of life is what I live for! I’ve always said – Do it with passion or not at all! Care-less for what people say and think and are more about what you dream to do! 🌼🤩🤡🧠🌾🌎🌞🌸

You may often see me struggle, but you’ll very rarely see me quit! 

I am so privileged to have been able to study, travel and pursue the things I love! I’ve been incredibly lucky, particularly on my journey as a student nurse! I’ve had so many incredible opportunities, and I have met so many incredible people, many of whom are definitely life long friends. I have travelled and worked abroad, I created and built a society that’s legacy continues beyond my student life, I’ve been nominated for awards and raised lots of money for different charities! I’ve represented my fellow students from my cohort to my campus and university to 40,000 RCN students nurses from all branches of nursing across the whole UK! What an absolutely privileged it has been! 

26731682_10155467006469480_7972231319469301370_n.jpgI’ve learnt so much about myself from doing this degree! My resilience and commitment to my profession, which I only grow prouder of every day, and my ‘apparent’ boundless energy to always do more and say YES to every single opportunity that comes my way!
I honestly don’t think I could have achieved this 1st without the constant support from my loving family and friends and support staff at UWE! Thanks for always believing in me, I owe a great deal of gratitude to you all and I’ll never forget it!❤️💛💚💙💜

Now as this chapter of my life closes, I feel ready to start my new journey as Nurse Hall and as of Monday morning, I will have started my first job as a staff nurse! 😱💕



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