Hello, my name is Charlotte, and I am your current student member of the RCN Council. Although I have now qualified and have been working in AMU for the last six months, I still give up my days off to proudly advocate your student’ voice and now I think that it’s important for me to speak to you directly.

I have recently become a steward; and now more than ever I recognise the importance of representing my colleagues against injustice.

Since July, I have borne witness to many discussions surrounding the EGM. Some not so pleasant, and inappropriately forwarded to me. However, many have been very insightful and thought-provoking. I have welcomed debate about how the RCN should best move forward.

I believe it is only right the membership expresses its valid concerns, and challenges better ways of working. The RCN is its members; I am one of them. I too am affected by the pay deal and what work the RCN is doing; just like you and all other paying members.

I do agree that change is necessary. And I think changes have already begun. Following the interim report from the external investigation, I believe it has become evident the RCN requires a lead officer for communication; this must be a priority.

It has previously been mentioned that the healthcare profession is trying to step away from a ‘blame culture’ and work more towards asking ‘where did it go wrong?’ As a steward, I would talk to an employer about setting up a capability solution plan, as there is no standard outcome for human error or mistakes made.

So please, when you are considering your vote (and as students YOU have the absolute right to vote) consider that voluntary council members should be given the opportunity to deliver the improvements that YOU would like to see in the RCN for all of us as members.

I have loved my time representing students UK wide; YOU are the future of nursing! Regardless of the outcome of the EGM, I will continue to advocate for students; as my role on council does not define my advocacy, activism and pride in my profession.



I am offcially a Prison Nurse!



A photo of me.

I have some major catching up to do with this challenge, my week has been pretty hectic workload wise, although I am now on annual leave…I am currently on a train home from my RCN Council meeting in London, I have written two draft outline plans for the school project I have planned and also for a student conference, so now the heavy work is done and dusted (for now…) here is my day 18 for @BloggerNurse 30 day challenge supporting NHS horizons in changing perceptions of nursing.

I wanted to pick a nursing photo…of course…Which was surprisingly hard to do, I have had so many wonderful experiences and memories as a healthcare worker over the years…its too hard to pin down one defining moment that I’m proud of or feel a massive sense of pride in, because in all honestly I feel that way about most of the things I have had the opportunity to do over the years.

Recently I have been reflecting a lot on how I have got to this point, where I am actually a registered nurse. I still honestly can’t believe I am here in life now as a nurse, writing a blog about being a nurse! It still crazy to me, I could have never even dream to have achieved this incredible honour.

At school, I was generally seen as a failure and had a doubtful future…

I remember this opportunity to go to an NHS workshop day, this was to show nursing as a career option, I personally had absolutely no interest what’s so ever in becoming a health care anything…but it was going to get me out of my religious studies class…so I signed up!

I remember going to a ward and getting to use a hoist and wearing the infection control masks, and generally have a laugh with my mates, they said I would need to get a C in a science or health and social care, I knew then I had no chance of going anywhere near a career in a field of science. I left that day thinking id never be capable of doing any kind of job like that…

here is a picture of me and my schoolmates at Gloucester Royal Hospital in 2005 little did I know, that in 2015 (10 years later) I would start my nurse training and end up in that very same hospital as a newly qualified nurse!



At least 3 of the people in these photos are nurses now and some working in different areas of health!

Jumping forward 13 years to now, my (then) religious studies teacher commented after reading an article I had written for a national Newspaper saying:

“Look at you! I’m so proud! You’ve come such a long way and are super amazing! In fact Miss Charlotte Hall you are llama amazing!” (I LOVE llamas FYI)

I still pinch myself everyday when i remeber  that I am a qualified nurse with a 1st class honours! Something I thought was impossible!

Let this be a lesson to others out there reading before you go through years and years of self-doubt and lack of confidence like I did…

please remember, you are your only true limit.


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